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Climate Control Solutions 

We are specialized installers for New Built Installations as well as retro fitting equipment on existing systems In addition to this are we also experts in Maintenance work on HVAC and Air Conditioning Systems. Each space in need of an HVAC or Air Conditioning System which needs to be assessed as to the current use of the building as well as possible future uses thereof as this determines the size and strength of equipment to be installed.
There are two main systems to choose from of which each one has different advantages based on the size and use of the building. Herewith some information to assist you with insight before you decide:
A centralized system connected with ducts The ducts can either be concealed between the roof trusses and the ceiling. Or a centralized system with exposed ducts which is currently the new trend in offices, retail centres and residential homes.
A ductless system which is more visible than a concealed duct system is also an option especially for smaller areas like residential properties. The ductless equipment needs to be fixed on a wall close to the ceiling of the room. However, our Specialists at Glenco Civils will assist you with sound advice to ensure that your business has optimized productivity by installing the correct climate control system suitable to each facility. We deliver cost effective comfort and sustainable efficiency.HoHoHomHoHo


Temperature Controls 

Our bouquet of Air Conditioning Services:

  • Compliance Services and Testing
  • Preventative Maintenance Plan
  • System Performance Checks
  • Chiller Servicing (including Ammonia Chillers)
  • Expert Repairs
  • Commissioning and Startups off all HVAC Equipment
  • Installations
    • Fan Coil Units
    • Air handling units
    • Fans
    • Pumps
    • DX Units
    • Dada Center Units (down blow units)
    • Chillers including ammonia
    • Water balancing
    • Air balancing
    • Ducting Installations including Insulation and Cladding
    • Water piping installations including insulation and cladding
    • Controls
    • Control Panels
    • BMS Systems


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Why do I need HVAC?

Every space is in need of an HVAC or Air Conditioning System. We at Air Mac HVAC Systems will assist with the assessment of the current use of the building as well as possible future uses thereof as this determines the size and strength of the equipment to be installed.

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Fire Alarm Monitoring

Protecting the assets and people of businesses and particularly those that need to provide continuity with products and services. Statistics show that over 25% of fire damaged businesses never recover from a fire – whether this is loss of stock or the inability to continue communicating their services. Enhancing a fire system to include monitoring reduces the risk of losing a business to fire.

Prioritising fire signals for swift response and linking these signals directly to our command and control centre ensures that emergency services are dispatched without delay.


  • Control Room Service

  • 24hour Control and Command Centre

  • At Glenco Security we offer a 24 hour service to our clients. All movements, including our patrol division and static guarding are strictly monitored on a 24/7, 365 days a year basis. Since our formation Glenco Security has invested in a state of the art 24hour control and command centre. This ensures that all security officers and clients receive the full support and back-up of trained control room operatives, day and night.

    Our mobile patrol vehicles and reaction units are continuously tracked using a Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite technology ensuring that the best positioned team can respond to any incident communicated by our Control Centre.


    Alarm Monitoring

  • Added peace of mind for property and business owners, especially when the premises are vacant
    • Receive a fast response to an activated alarm, minimising the chances of loss or damage
    • Police and Fire Brigade call outs when required, giving further protection Glenco Civils Control room operator’s co-ordinate the activities and responses of our vigilant armed response unit via the dedicated communications network. A security system that is monitored 24/7 provides round the clock protection of assets that simply cannot be matched by a ‘bells only’ system. Upon receiving the alarm activation, our operatives will take the necessary action, depending upon the configuration of the system.