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About Glenco Civils.

We started our company in 2016 with a goal to take on big projects and help people get their buildings and conversions underway. At Glenco Civils pty we strive for 100% satisfaction with every customer, and we do everything within our power to deliver the exact specifications for your needs. We serve the whole of Africa with our electrical and HVAC services and free, no-obligation quotes are available to all. Call us today for further information.


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Our Advantages

Glenco civils pty was formed in an endevour of becoming the best in the construction industry, our staff are selected in a manor that only the best are hired and the management was formally employed in a similar industry, gathered expirience hence the formation of Glenco Civils. We serve the commercial, domestic and the Industrial clients.At Glenco Civils we build the structure, paint, Air Condition and land scape your property.

    We are special

    Contact us for quality service, get estimates and professional advise from ground up.Our HVAC services are backed by engineers from reputable brands including Samsung, Daikin and York.Call us today and let us take care of your project from groung up. .

    Why Choose us?

    At Glenco Civils Pty you get all your construction needs under one roof. We do construction, electrical works and Air Conditioning for all types of buildings in any city around Africa.

    Diffrent from others

    At Glenco Civils we appoint one team for one client, We do not cut corners we make sure there is clear communication and updates throughout the project.Our pricing are discussed in order to obtain best price from supplier and we negotiate on client’s behalf.We put the client first and markup later.Our reputation comes first.